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Guarantee, policieas, and terms of service


 We guarantee the health of all animals prior to shipping.  We will not ship any animal that is not 100% healthy and ready to ship.  We offer a 48 hour alive arrival guarantee; this means from the time the package leaves our facility, for the next 48 hours we will cover any Dead On Arrival organisms with a store credit for use on a future purchase. (hopefully to replace what did not make it, but it can be used towards any future Livestock purchase)  As long as all of the following procedures are followed;

1.      Delivery MUST be accepted on first delivery attempt.

2.      Any damage to package or leaking must be claimed to the driver upon delivery. This will be noted in the delivery status information we receive

3.      All acclimation procedures listed above must be followed exactly.

4.      We must be notified by telephone or email as soon as there is a loss, and within the 48 hour time period.

5.      You must provide us with the parameters of  your aquarium and they must be in the correct range for the animal in question.

6.      A digital photograph of the deceased animal must be taken and provided to us.

7.      The animal must be put into a Ziploc style freezer bag with some salt and frozen until notified to dicard.

8.      In the case of a loss, if all of these steps are met satisfactory, we will credit you the full purchase price of the animal for a future livestock purchase.  Livestock credit may not be used towards dry good purchases.  And we can not refund or credit the shipping cost.






Terms of Service:

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